T.M. Schall


T.M. Schall entered the mortgage business in 1973, with Southern California Mortgage and Loan, based in San Bernardino California. In late 1975, Shearson Lehman Mortgage acquired the company. In 1978, with Shearson Lehman – American Express Mortgage’s blessing he founded Total Mortgage Services, providing comprehensive Mortgage Servicing activities throughout California, primarily as a contractor for his old employer.

In 1980 Total Mortgage Services became Rand Financial Services Corporation, and the new corporation expanded its activities to encompass the entire United States and its territories. Under Mr. Schall’s leadership, Rand Financial Services became the first fully computerized Mortgage Servicing Organization in the United States. Mr. Schall created new lending and servicing protocols that are still widely utilized in the Real Estate and Mortgage field.

Rand Financial Services Corporation customers included many leading lenders, Shearson Lehman – American Express, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, among countless others. In 1997, Mr. Schall consummated the sale of his corporation to Countrywide Home Loans, the industry’s leading lender. Ted served Countrywide post-acquisition as the driving force behind the successful integration of the multi-billion-dollar mortgage loan portfolios.

Ted’s forty-five-year career spans every spectrum of the residential and commercial lending business. His knowledge of shifting market conditions, experience in creating innovative funding and servicing solutions for commercial and residential borrowers, are a tribute to his successful career and lasting industry legacy. Utilizing a lifetime of innovation and leadership, he founded Best Lenders LLC to enhance today’s dynamic lending practices.

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